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Where all work is done manually from maintenance-free Premium moss.
You will find decorations in various sizes and beautiful patterns.

Our paintings don't need watering, sunlight or to be fertilized. You hang it on the wall in your house or office and enjoy the beautiful natural greenery.

Moss Wall Decor with flowers in a large living room. A wooden frame that can be hung on the wall. Made of maintenance-free moss, no need to water or trim the decorations

Preserved Living Moss Wall Art

Our store offers unique and hand-made moss decorations that add an elegant and natural beauty to any interior.
These unique products are carefully selected and manufactured from the best materials to ensure reliable and long-lasting decorations. 

MossLight- LED lights beautifying nature

It's a wall of moss with LED lights. Decoration with stabilized moss, reindeer moss and maintenance-free plants. They do not need light and water. This is an amazing handicraft made of moss, completely handmade

LED lights add even more natural beauty and elegance to the interior.

These subtle lights emphasize every detail of the moss, flowers and plants, creating an unforgettable atmosphere and mood

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Ponad chmurami

''Safe and fast delivery by air courier, all shipments are insured

Orders are sent priority, which is why they reach our customers quickly''


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